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Located in Tarumã, in the state of Sao Paulo, Fitoway is an industry in the segment of natural products, nutraceuticals, dietary supplements and sports nutrition.

Ensuring quality and safety in its products, Fitoway has been in increasing expansion in the Market along with the satisfaction of its clients and employees. Our meticulous selection of suppliers meets all the requirements for our customers in which quality, reliability, efficiency and well-being are decisive criteria for our choices.
We offer the customer products and services within ethical and quality standards, meeting the market's needs and expectations alongside respect for the environment.

Fitoway follows all quality, safety, hygiene and functionality standards, developing its products according to ANVISA's (Brazilian Health Surveillance Agency) manufacturing practices.

Our mission:
To offer products and services with ethics and quality, providing health and well-being with responsibility.


Our vision:

To be excellence reference in the market in which we operate, seeking to increase market share year by year.


Our values: 

To operate with integrity and transparency in the national scope in its segment.

To prioritize the quality of life and the environment with sustainable development, making a commitment in the pursuit of better results.


Business composition:






Our Tarumã-SP unit is bein expanded in 2015, doubling Fitoway's capacity of production, inventory and shipment.
This large investment is a strategic part of growth that Fitoway has as its goal.







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